Lost Pressure due to leak


The house is a large semi-detached house with 3 bedrooms.


The client called me because he was losing pressure in his heating system

Lost pressure in heating system
Lost Pressure due to leak
Leak causing lost pressure


First, I carried out a visual inspection of the heating system and carried out checks on the boiler to make sure there was no defects there, which was fine.  

As there were no visible signs of leaks on the ceiling, I took my investigation to the ground floor. A moisture survey was then carried out, showing moisture on the ground floor.  

An acoustic and tracer gas survey was then carried out to pinpoint the leak, lift the moisture and an acoustic survey led us to the kitchen to find the leak pic 1, further acoustic and tracer gas testing lead us to the kitchen floor area to the right as you walk in the hall. we had to lift tiles and excavate in this area to find the leak pic2 & 3. picture 4 is where the leak was a malfunction on a 15mm tee piece. 


I was called out to a suspected leak in their heating system. after a visual, moisture , acoustic and tracer gas test, we found a defective 15mm tee under the kitchen floor after some excavation of the kitchen floor. 

Pipe leak discovered
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