Signs you have a leak in your home

Signs you have a leak can be obvious, we all know to call our plumber when the toilet is clogged, there is a blockage when the sink or shower is draining or there is a problem with our heating. However, leaks aren’t as easy to discover as on many occasions they are hidden in the walls, floors or ceilings.

While the source of a leak is hard to find, here are a few things to look out for, if any of these are present give us a call.


Mould and mildew wet spotsMould & Mildew

One of the first signs that a leak is occurring in the home is a musty odour caused by mould in damp spots in the ceilings or floors. If you can’t get rid of the smell no matter how many times you clean there is a good chance you have a leaking pipe.


Foundation Crack

Leaking water pipes have been known to cause cracks in the foundation of houses. If you notice that cracks are suddenly appearing then you may have a leak. If water is constantly flowing from pipes it will weaken the structure of the house and this will result in cracks.



Signs of leaksWet Spots

If you can visually see wet spots or discoloured areas near toilets, sinks or baths then there is a good possibility that there are leaking pipes nearby.

Floor Boards lifting

Wooden flooring or tiles will lift if there is water damage below. If you see swelling occurring beneath the floors it is worth checking for leaking pipes.


If you notice any of signs above occurring, give us a call and one of our experienced and knowledgeable team your home to search for the leak. A leak will only get worse over time, and the sooner you get to the source the better.

Signs to look out for

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Rising Damp ni
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