Home Heating System Leak Bangor


The house is a large detached two story house.


We were call to the property as the customer was complaining of her heating system losing pressure.
2 other plumbers had been to the property previously but could not find the leak.


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Home Heating System Leak Bangor


A full acoustic survey was carried out on the property which was showing signs of a small leak on the return to the heating system.
Further investigation narrowed if down to under the floor in one of the bedrooms and lifting the carpet revealed signs of damp and water coming up from down below. The customer was able to supply me with a plan of the heating system pipework and from that I was able to work out where the joints were in the pipework and the likely source of the leak.
I excavated the suspect area which revealed a defective fitting which I then repaired.


An acoustic and visual survey picked up a leak under the concrete floor which was located and repaired. a further pressure test revealed a problem with the boiler which was fixed by the boiler companies engineer under warranty.

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