Boiler Replacement – Installing an energy efficient boiler

55% of the average home energy bills are spent on heating so updating your boiler to an energy efficient one can save you a lot of money annually.

All modern boilers used for boiler replacement are more efficient regardless of the fuel you are burning. The main reason for this is because they are all condensing boilers. This means that the boiler has a larger heat exchanger, recovering more heat, sending the cooler gases up the flue.

The name comes from the flue gases getting so cool that the water vapour in the gas condenses out.

Things to consider when replacing your boiler


Boiler replacement Northern IrelandGas boilers tend to be the cheapest option nowadays, with prices below that of oil, economy 7, house coal and LPG. So if you have a main gas supply this is probably your best option.

If a gas connection is not currently available it may be worth contacting gas companies in your area to see if a connection can be installed.

If you don’t have a gas supply to your home, modern renewable heat, such as heat pump or biomass may be worth considering. Renewable energy brings with it heat incentives that may bring down the overall cost.

Oil boilers are still an option and modern boilers are a lot more efficient than years gone by, grants are available in Northern Ireland depending on your income to help with the cost.

Boiler Type

All modern boilers are more efficient than old ones. Choosing a boiler that suits your lifestyle will maximise your savings.
Boilers are either –

  • Regular
  • Combi

A regular boiler will be installed with hot water cylinder and is a better option. Suitable for large household who go through a lot of hot water during the day.

A combi boiler is more suitable for small households and will be more efficient over time. Please note however that not all combi boiler are compatible with solar heating systems.

If you are interested in boiler replacement or boiler installation please get in touch. We will run you through the process from start to finish.