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Annual oil boiler servicing is essential to keep your boiler running efficiently and at its full potential.

Our qualified engineers will fully service your system to make sure that everything is running smoothly and there was is no wear and tear. Repairs will be carried if necessary but not before our engineer explains the work required and costs involved.

What a service includes –

  • Cleaning of the heat exchanger – Excessive smoke or partially burnt fuel can gather as soot and reduce the heat getting through. The cleaner the exchanger to more efficient the system.
  • Oil nozzles need checked for wear and tear. These need to be replaced occasionally to remain the efficiency of the boiler. The nozzles regulate the fuel getting through to the boiler so if not working correctly oil can be wasted.
  • Photocells need to be cleaned to make sure they haven’t glazed over. Photocells detect whether the flame has lit and if dirty can affect the efficiency of the boiler.
  • Electrodes can wear down & attract deposits and soot. Electrodes produce a spark to light the fuel, if they are in poor condition the boiler may not light. Causing inefficiency and increasing fuel cost.

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