Leak Detection Comber bt23 - main pipe leak

Description of property

Discover leaks comberThe Risk address is a storey and a half bungalow, with a loft conversion.
The property is of standard construction with block walls and a pitched timber roof, covered in tile.
The property has standard plumbing and heating installations and we noted that the property is in a good state of repair.
The ground floor of the property has a solid floor screed. On the ground floor there is a kitchen, lounge, hallway, bathroom and three bedrooms. A staircase leads from the hall up to the 1st floor which has the remaining bedrooms and en-suite.


The risk address was subject to high levels of moisture and as a result, we were instructed to investigate what the problem may have been.
The homeowner had noticed the wooden floor in their hallway had started to crown, and a number of skirting boards had begun to push away from their fixings.


Carried out a site visit and moisture survey detailing the areas of the property.

Equipment used:

  • Digital camera
  • Protimeter MMS – search mode
  • Fluke thermal image camera TiR32

Findings – Our site visit confirmed the following:

  • High levels of moisture throughout the ground floor, with all ground floor rooms affected.
    We noted that the moisture in the floor far exceeds acceptable tolerance.
  • The use of thermal imaging equipment (infrared camera) indicated that there was a leak in the mains supply pipe under a kitchen unit.
  • Affected pipe was isolated and a temporary pipe, over the floor, was installed in order to mitigate the damage and still allow the property to be serviced with mains water.


Based on our inspection and survey we note that the damage may fall for consideration under the terms of the policy, specifically the EOW peril.
Due to the high levels of moisture noted at the property extensive drying will be required in order to bring the property to pre-loss conditions.
We have produced a drying proposal, which we shall attach along with this leak detection report.

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