Leak detection equipment


Insurance had difficulty in locating the problem at the property and asked if we could undertake a leak detection to locate if there was a leak at the property.


Upon being instructed a third party appointed us to carry out a site visit and moisture survey detailing the areas of the property.

Equipment used:

  • Digital camera
  • Protimeter MMS – search mode
  • Fluke thermal image camera TiR32

Findings – Our site visit confirmed the following:

  • Upon our arrival at the property, we commenced our survey at the property to establish the moisture levels at the property and identify if there was a leak
  • We identified that there was moisture which exceeded acceptance tolerance on the ground floor of the property
  • Utilizing the protimeter and image camera we were able to reduce the area which showed the highest moisture levels towards the staircase.
  • We traced the floor which showed high readings and identified that the heating manifold had failed.
  • We repaired the leak, the cost of which was incurred by the client.
  • We replaced the manifold as this was allowing water to escape.


We confirm there was a leak situated on the ground floor of the risk address.
We carried out a detailed survey of the moisture at the risk address and confirm that the floor within the hall and kitchen exceed acceptance tolerance. In order to bring the property to acceptable standards, we propose installing a drying program, which will involve lifting the floor coverings within these two rooms and installing drying equipment for a capped period of 21days.
We can conclude that the resulting damage is consistent with an Escape of Water and likely to fall for consideration under the terms of a standard policy wording for an EOW peril.

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