Leak under floor belfast bt8

The Property

The house is a detached single story house in East Belfast

The Issue

On entering the house the customer showed me into the main kitchen/living area where they suspected there was a leak under the floor.  The flooring was lifting and had a damp area underneath.

I then took the investigation into the utility room to check the heating system and noticed that there was no loss of pressure, ruling out a leak in the heating system.

Next, I  carried out an acoustic survey on the mains and hot water systems and there was no sign of any leak on either.

Further investigation in the utility room revealed damp on the floor adjacent to the bathroom and beside the main heating manifold.

This leads me to take the investigation into the bathroom on the opposite side of the wall to the utility room, where the toilet was situated right behind where the heating manifold was.

On removing the casing to investigate behind the toilet I noticed really bad condensation on the toilet cistern, probably due to the close proximity of the cold water to the heat manifold with no ventilation for the moisture to escape.

Further investigation showed water stains as if there is a leak from the toilet.  The toilet casing would need to be removed to fix the leak.


A Visual and an acoustic survey has concluded there is no leak from the heating system or hot or cold water systems.

A visual inspection found a bad case of condensation and a leak at the toilet cistern in the main bathroom, causing damage to the rooms adjacent.

The moisture has caused the flooring to lift in the living room and tiles in the bathroom are boast and grout has come out of the joints

Leak under floor belfast bt8
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