leak under concrete floor


Split level detached bungalow.


I was called by Mr Stoney as his expansion tank for his heating system was constantly running.

finding copper pipe leak
finding a difficult leak
leak under concrete floor


On arrival I went into the roof-space and witnessed the water constantly flowing into the heating system. As the ground floor was on a separate heating zone we were able to isolate that zone and ascertain that the leak was in fact in the ground floor. An initial visual, acoustic, moisture and tracer gas survey revealed the leak to be in the main living area on the ground floor.

The main living area had to be stripped out of furniture and carpet for further tests to find the leak as in the first pictures below. Further thermal image, acoustic ,moisture and tracer gas tests were carried out revealing the leak to be over by the doorway or fireplace in the room. Due to the damp proof course and very hard concrete floor we had to excavate a couple of areas to reveal the leak as in the next 2 pictures.


After our tests and excavation of the floor we found a leak on a 22mm copper pipe near a tee junction under the floor in front of the fireplace.

The pipe was repaired , the heating system was filled up and tested and an acoustic test carried out to reveal that was the source of the leak.

find a leak northern ireland
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