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A visual inspection when entering the house, there is signs of damp in the grout of the floor tiles in the hallway, adjacent to the bathroom but no signs of any others damp or water damage.

We started the survey by doing an acoustic survey of all the domestic water and heating system. The results of the acoustic test came back negative.

I then returned with my pressure test kit to do a pressure test on all the pipework.

I carried out a pressure test on the domestic water and central heating pipes for 3 hours.


An acoustic survey has come back negative. My pressure test has confirmed there is no leaks on the mains, domestic hot and cold pipework.

During the test there was a drop in pressure on the central heating pipework and further investigation revealed a leak at the boiler which would need to be fixed prior to doing another pressure test on the central heating to rule out any leaks in the heating system.

The customer has been notified to get the repair done before we can come back to test the system to rule out any more leaks.

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