What is power flushing northern ireland

What is Power Flushing and its benefits?

The simple answer is removing the sludge, rust, and debris from your central heating system to make it more efficient.

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Sludge, as it’s known by professionals, can cause blockages in your heating system that may lead to an inefficient system or even causing it to break down.
This sludge is caused by a build-up of by-products left behind by water running through the pipes, boiler, and radiators such as rust. This forms a mud-like substance that can have a very negative effect on your heating systems. This is why you need a power flush.

How do you know if you need a Power Flush?

There are a number of signs you can look out for that signal that a power flush is necessary, here is a list of the common ones.

  • Your radiators are slow to warm up.
  • Cold areas on your radiators, normally at the bottom.
  • Dirty water when bleeding your radiators.
  • Hot pipes but cold radiators
  • Noisey boiler or radiators.
  • Cloudy tap water
  • Small leaks in the system
  • No water when bleeding radiators
  • Boiler regularly breaks down or doesn’t start.

How often does your heating system need a Power Flush?

when to get a powerflushIt is highly recommended that you get a service on your boiler annually by a professional. If this is the case then a power flush every 5-6 years is probably sufficient. (however, check with your plumber as some systems will require it more often.)

It is also important to power flush the system if you are installing a new boiler, making sure that no debris is unnecessarily forced into the new boiler.

What are the benefits of a Powerflush?

  • Radiators will heat up quicker
  • Radiators will get hotter
  • Quieter radiators / boiler
  • More energy efficient system = cheaper energy bills
  • Higher hot water temperatures
  • More reliable i.e. less chance of breakdown
  • Increase the life of your heating system.

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