Leak Detection South Belfast


The property is a red bricked semi detached residence with an extension to the rear.


We were called to the property by the client because of moisture damage in the extension to the rear of the property.
The property had a mixture of tiled and laminate flooring on concrete screed on the ground floor level and no signs of water damage in the ceilings.

Leak Detection South Belfast
Leak under tiles Belfast


The customer showed me into living area of the extension at the rear of the property where the issues were arising.

On my initial visual inspection I noticed signs of damp on the grout in between the floor tiles, cracks in the floor tiles on the right side to the rear of living area were also visible which can also be a sign of moisture damage.

On the right hand wall to the rear of the living area there was extensive moisture damage to the wall with wallpaper coming off the wall.
Moisture readings confirmed moisture in these areas.

I continued the survey through the rest of the extension adjacent to the living area.
I removed the washing machine and noticed damp to the outside wall, to the wall backing onto the bathroom and on the floor to the right around a 4” waste pipe that came up through the floor.

There was hot and cold water pipes there on which I done an acoustic test on which showed no signs of leaks.

Leak under floor South Belfast

I carried on the survey into the bathroom and noticed grout missing and hollow sounding tiles which would be leaking water onto the walls.
An acoustic survey was carried out on the pipework in the bathroom but no signs of leaks.

An acoustic survey was carried out on the water pipes in the extension with no signs of any leaks.

The heating system is pressurized and there is no loss in pressure indicating no leaks on the heating pipes


A Visual and an acoustic survey has concluded that there is a leak from the shower but cannot confirm this is contributing to the damp in the living room.
Further authorisation would be needed to excavate and investigate the 4” waste under the units in the utility room is not leaking and the damp proof course is sound in the utility and the living area.

Shower Leak South Belfast
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