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The house is a large detached house with red-bricked exterior, garage, and sunroom.

Technical Equipment:

Acoustic survey has been carried out using a SEWERIN STETHOPHON 04.

FLUKE TiR 32 Thermal imager.

Moisture reading with Trotec moisture meter.


On entering the house I noticed the customer showed me into the kitchen where she suspected there was a leak under the floor.  The floor looked recently tiled with large grey tiles.

On further inspection, I could see cracks and chips on four of the large tiles in the sunroom area, which also boasted.  There is also damp/moisture in the tiles joints as in the pictures.

I then took the investigation to the heating system and noticed the pressure was at zero,

I  then topped the pressure on the heating system to carry out an acoustic survey.

The acoustic survey pinpointed the leak to an area under the floor just beside the kitchen island as in the pictures below, where the microphone is positioned.


A visual and an acoustic survey has concluded there was a leak from the heating system under the kitchen floor which has caused the floor tiles to crack and lift.

The floor would need to be lifted to repair the leak and carry out the drying as quite a lot of water has escaped under the floor.

The kitchen island may need to be removed and replaced to carry out said works.

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